Dear Fashion Brands,

Let’s go back to the basics!

Before getting obsessed for VR and AI and avant grade technologies, make an assessment on the foundations of your Brand and how they are put in place effectively.

Must-haves for any Brand are:

– a clear and detailed written Brand vision and positioning based on the unique DNA of the Brand

– proper and appealing Brand image and voice

– customer-centric approach

– 3 years plan strategy – yearly action plan

– collections in line with the Brand DNA and vision

– updated website rich of contents, storytelling and well integrated with the e-commerce

– state of-the-art e-commerce linked with social media

– smart omni channel integrating retail and e-commerce and providing big and small data to be deeply analyzed and used as a compass for the business

– focused global pricing and commercial strategy

– state-of-the-art HR department

– 360° alignement of top management on the Company objectives to be reached

– healthy bottom line

Instead of becoming mad with the color of the house, one must be sure that the foundation are strong and well set. 

Let’s leave these fireworks to tech companies first and let’s focus on being excellent on the basics first.

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