Browsing around on some fashion websites you can see the Ralph Lauren advertising showing an old video of Ralph himself driving a jeep on the beach with his family.

In blurred B&W. At the fashion show that took place yesterday in his NY garage full of vintage cars, you could see a (grey) collection that you would never say as distinctively Ralph Lauren.

Which are the two words that come up to the mind immediately?

– Posh

– Vintage

For a Brand that made of the Wasp lifestyle its flag and the sense of accomplishment its message, the reality is pretty flat.

A very (too?) commercial collection and no fresh Brand image.  In-store collections that lack luster and are questionable about quality.

A lifestyle communicated in an endless loop risks to become boring In a world where the fashionable people get excited by the excesses of Gucci and where the classy people go to Hermès, which is the positioning of Ralph Lauren?

A posh brand that risks to be cheesy and a vintage message that risks to be perceived as “granny” style with no humour.

The new CEO Patrice Louvet has a great challenge: creating a new exciting chapter for a very established and beloved Brand in a quest for new freshness and desirability. An amazingly tough challenge.

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