In 2015 Cannes Film Festival banned women flat shoes on the red carpet.

Yesterday, in a daring and modern protest Kirsten Stewart took off her Louboutins and walked the red carpet barefoot.

In a time when the most criticized policies are the salary gender gap and when women and men are exposing scandals of bullism, harassment and abuse of power, why the Cannes film Festival still dictates high heels only for women?

In a world where diversity tries to make its own way, why women are still seen as Jessica Rabbit clones?

In a fashion industry where athleisure is the trend, Gucci loafers and Dior kitten heel are the most sold shoes in the world, why the Cannes Film Festival is keeping its positions on such a last century image of the woman?

Why forcing women’s image on such a basic, dated and obvious stereotype?

Isn’t the Hollywood desperate housewife look of stars such as Cate Blanchett coming into conflict with the outside world?

And, at the end, who can benefit from this runway of women dressed (or undressed) like Rita Hayworth in the ’50s.

Is that the meaning of modern elegance?

Isn’t it more interesting the style of Victoria Beckham, Stella Mc Cartney, Gabriela Hearst?

Isn’t more respectful to let women dress as they prefer?

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