Gilles Lipovetsky

Some years ago I attended a Richemont internal conference in Geneva. I was marketing director of one of the group brands.

I was smart and curious as well as shy and introvert. Seating on the shuttle from the hotel to the conference place, I noticed a man getting in the bus and asking if a seat close to me was free.

I was grumpy and focused on my Blackberry, he was kind and  warm. I didn’t want to have any conversation and continued to write emails, just making an annoyed gesture.

At the conference the main speaker was introduced and…it was him! 

Gilles Lipovetsky spoke about luxury and the “hyper-consumers society”.

I was hooked by the wise words of this philosopher and sociologist, by his revolutionary thoughts and I appreciated how such a luxury group asked him to speak to its top executives.

I moved houses and jobs since then, but I always took with me his books “Le Bonheur Paradoxal” and “L’empire de l’éphémère”.

Must read books for all fashion and luxury insiders.

And I left with the important lesson that despite all the troubles you may have, it is always enriching to stop and talk to people and share words with them, even if you don’t know them.

I lost an occasion. 

And I learned the importance of being in the now.

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