Would you ever make such a request at a restaurant?

Probably not. It’s a nonsense, isn’t it?

So, why do you look for “young and experts” for C-level roles?

Is the fashion industry so blind to believe in an entire generation of Mark Zuckerbergs available in a click?

As a consultant I can increasingly see horror stories of youngsters at their very first steps of their career hired as directors and then burned down in one year of tenure.

Far too many.

Companies are eager for youngsters because they suppose they better know their own generation habits and they are digital-native.

Is that enough to make a C-level executive? Very unlikely.

What is neglected too often in the recruitment process is the awareness of the level of responsibility of the role and the relative maturity needed to handle it.

It’s a pity to underestimate the Power of the Experience and a shame to create unrealistic expectations in young professionals who just need to grow with the right timing.

It takes 10 years of training to become a Sushi Master. 

As Hubert de Boüard of Château Angélus puts it: ‘A great wine is a film, not a snapshot.’ (Decanter)

Same for top executives.

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