Yesterday Gucci took the best decision for a fashion brand.

Going Fur Free is a great act of courage more on the ethical side than on the business one.

Business wise very likely this decision does not have a great impact on the total revenues but on the sensible side of animal care and respect is a great move.

It gives great visibility to a Brand that needs to nurture its success on a daily basis.

The buzz around Gucci will be helped by this decision and it will give an advantage of freshness and authenticity to the Brand.

It’s curious that this announcement comes after a SS18 fashion show where we spotted every now and then fur pieces, but it’s better now than never.

So, what could be a great step forward for Gucci and the next step decision?

Creating a pet-friendly company à la Google.

That could be really walking the talk! Can we speak about it Marco Bizzarri?


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