In 2013 Gucci, under #FridaGiannini,  sponsored the David Bowie exhibition at the V&A in London. The creative designer said “Bowie unapologetic androgyny helped women to convey masculine energy without compromising  feminine and elegant sensuality”.

As per Esquire “David Bowie wore whatever he damned well pleased” and he never stopped being a rockstar even going through dramatic changes in his wardrobe.

Yesterday night #AlessandroMichele presented the Gucci Cruise Collection in Rome.

The invitation was printed in old books by authors like Metastasio but the deep, untold inspiration was the ’70s in Rome and some of its key entertainment players such as Renato Zero (see him in the video in first link).

Champion of free thinking, eccentric dressing and unapologetic behavior, Renato Zero with his dark, curly, long hair and lots of make up broke all the rules of the entertainment and became a shaman going against the conformism of the time.

The same was done by a very revolutionary Italian TV show called Stryx (1978, link in second comment).

It created a visionary world reinterpreting medieval stories in a daring way.

Well, the roots of Michele inspiration, are exactly there.

It all started in #Rome “a place of freedom” as he calls it.

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