It’s official. #LouisVuitton tapped #VirgilAbloh as the new Men’s Designer.

It’s a revolution.

In style, in history, in lifestyle. It’s a shift from the established Men’s collection to a parallel universe. A different and original point of view.

A black American cool luxury street style designer at the helm of the Parisian luxury brand, following the path of Kim Jones who moved to Dior.

A great catch.

Abloh is certainly the most interesting creative director in the industry.

Great taste but also irreverent and disruptive, he can give a great contribution to Louis Vuitton development.

He understands fashion but also he catches the spirit of the time.

It’s great that, after the amazing job done by Kim Jones, another step is taken at the luxury brand to develop a strong and powerful statement in the industry.

The show must go on

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