Fashion meets Art. Most of the Cruise collections presented in the past month were soaked in art references and took places in art museum or artistic places.

Luis Vuitton showed the collection in Japan at Kyoto Miho Museum and was inspired by the Japanese traditions such as kabuki, samurai, obi with a touch of Kansai Yamamoto. The brand hosted the press that also visited some of the most iconic temples in the city that were booked only for them.

Chanel recreated the temple of Poseidon at the Grand Palais. The collection was clearly inspired by the Ancient Greece with Greek sandals, peplum dresses à la Lagerfeld and shoes with heels like columns.

Dior was deeply inspired by Georgia O’Keefe, Valentino went to New York in a rough space inspired by the wild Seventies in town. Prada showed at their recently restored Osservatorio at the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milano.

Yesterday Gucci showed at Galleria Palatina of Palazzo Pitti in Florence. They were refused a few months ago the Parthenon in Athens.

Instagram is full of pictures of the happy fews (press and influencers) who took pictures at the Golden Temple in Kyoto or at the Uffizi in Florence.

We wonder what Brand will show on Mars. Or in Greenland. Or at the Vatican.

What is the benefit of all of this? Who benefits from this never ending show?

Let’s be clear. Cruise collection are pretty safe and they are never stunning as they are supposed to represent the most sellable part of the collections.

A big Fashion Brand usually presents 4 to 6 women collections per year (including Haute Couture). It’s very challenging to keep the pace and the interest high on all these presentations.

So, the easy way to excite the audience and to create the digital buzz is to focus on super exclusive and prestigious locations.

When the content is not so new or it is repetitive till boredom, let’s focus on the packaging!

This is not a long-term successful strategy. And the run towards “mine is bigger” will only show the lack of original ideas and unique products.

The compulsive pace of these Cruise presentations spoils even the most prestigious Fashion Brand (yes, Miuccia was right. She always is) but it also impoverish the artistic heritage of the place of the show.

Bravo to Greece that had the courage to say no.

When I see the Uffizi masterpieces on Instagram treated exactly as a Supreme skate board I shiver.

Dear Fashion Brands don’t you think that it is time to go back to meaningful collections instead of focusing on the “packaging”?

And was it really necessary to invade an historical museum (where I suppose flashes and pictures are forbidden to the visitors) with lights and flashes and fashion shows crews and yellow carpet?

Isn’t it time to call it quits?

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