Dear #fashioninsiders,

What do you consider as the key attitude to be successful in the #fashionindustry?

How you do position yourself is a clear statement but it seems companies are always eager for something else.

You adopt the “be kind” attitude, you are collaborative and open to work in a proactive landscape and you are judged as too weak to grow in your career.

You decide to be competitive and try to demonstrate what your value is and you are considered too aggressive.

There is no standard formula in growing as a fashion professional.

I think that too often “old style” fashion brands prefer to have soldiers rather than rely on a #community of professionals. And that’s why they find themselves stuck in a toxic path and harming the long term business growth.

Is there a different way to work? 

Did you find your path? What’s your point of view? And, most of all, do you have uplifting examples to share?

Thank you.

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