I recently read very interesting articles.

– V. Friedman on NYT “Is Milan out of focus?” and the answer of Stefano Gabbana on the Corriere della Sera

– A. Elkann interview to Christopher Niquet on La Stampa

– B. Severgnini interview to Gucci CEO Marco Bizzarri

Some interesting insights

– there is a political debate around Milan and Paris as fashion capitals

– no one would put Paris under discussion, while Milan is weaker in its defense because, despite its long tradition, is not cohesive

– only Stefano Gabbana and few others (supported by Corriere della Sera) proudly raised the voice to protest and defend the city of Milan as fashion capital

– too many Italian fashion brands are getting weaker due to internal turmoil and inability to manage the transition from family business to corporation

– even the strongest brands like Gucci (maybe because they are owned by a French group), Armani and even the Camera della Moda are surprisingly shy towards these attacks. The Brands that have been mentioned by Friedman did not reply

– the most interesting articles come from irreverent non-fashion journalists 

– the most interesting title is La Stampa “Fashion is over. Now they only make remix of the past”

So very true.

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