Yesterday I had a dream.

I dreamed of influencers more powerful than billionaires.

Of boys and girls born from humble origins who skyrocketed to the Fashion Olympus.

Of modern Davids against Goliath…

On young bloggers pushing the boundaries criticizing harshly established brands and designers. Of being neutral and always taking the part of the customer.

Unveiling scandals and copycats.

Modern heroes. Moving mountains like modern shamans of a new customer-centric era.

Defending with pride their own nation and values.

Then the dream turned into a nightmare.

Is the blogger a David or a Goliath?

If you want to make up your own mind and develop your own nightmare, you can read some inspiring articles hereafter.

This is just the beginning of the competition for China market share.

It’s Highlander. There will be only one.

The one with the finest, naughtiest strategy.

Le jour où Gucci a laissé carte blanche à Diet Prada

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