Most of the established fashion brands miss now: 

– the will and the ability to drive deep change inside the organization, the processes and work flow.

-the courage to make impactful changes now because they even didn’t dare to make small adjustments along the way

– the energy to refresh and reset the organization

On the other side there are also some elements that many brands have in excess and that slow down the performance:

– inertia, as they work as they always did before

– market leader attitude (Nokia anyone?)

– indolence in capturing the market unwritten trends and inability in translating them into the brand DNA

– nostalgia 

– concentration of power in the hands of managers that are unable to keep the pace with a new way of managing activities

– a top down approach with no way back

While the most clever Brands create virtuous circles inside the company with no excess of ego and lots of precise strategy, too many are too similar like the Tudor court with a royal hierarchy instead of a proper and efficient organization.

But the winning formula remains very simple: 

only the brands that are managed with the right mix of flexibility and long term vision will succeed.

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