Emilio Pucci 67% majority stake was acquired by LVMH in 2000.

In 2001 the French luxury group founded by Bernard Arnault took control of Fendi.

Both family owned Italian deteriorated fashion houses with a glorious past. 

After almost two decades Pucci apparently reached the peak of revenues during the Peter Dundas creative direction at around 100 million euros in 2015 and Fendi has reached the 1 billion euro turnover in 2017.

Rumors of a Pucci disposal spread last week and were denied by LVMH.

Why has Pucci been left so behind in terms of growth?

1. Fendi stayed put with her creatives: Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Fendi and empowered them

2. A very strategic and focused CEO like Michael Burke for Fendi

3. A very collaborative spirit of the Fendi members who stayed in the management: Carla and Silvia

4. A business focused on successful accessories at Fendi

5. A strong motivation on LVMH side to get the highest ROI on the acquisition

6. Epic Fendi storytelling

The only way to make Pucci thrive is for LVMH to take .

1. Stop whirlwind of CEOs, Creatives

2. Deep analisys and a very focused, fresh Brand strategy

3. Less obsession on heritage

4. Strong push for evolution of the Brand image

Out of the Palazzo and back on the Road.

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