This post was inspired by by Tracy Short question, this morning on LinkedIn, about books.

A must read for fashion and luxury professionals is the book written by Ryan Holiday “Ego is the Enemy. the Fight to Master Our Greatest Opponent”.

Hereafter great quotes from the book.

“Those who have subdued their ego understand that it doesn’t degrade you when others treat you poorly; it degrades them.”

“And that’s what is so insidious about talk. Anyone can talk about himself or herself (…) So what is scarce and rare? Silence. The ability to deliberately keep yourself out of the conversation and subsist without its validation. Silence is the respite of the confident and the strong.”

“When we remove ego, we’re left with what is real. What replaces ego is humility, yes—but rock-hard humility and confidence. Whereas ego is artificial, this type of confidence can hold weight. Ego is stolen. Confidence is earned (…) It’s the difference between potent and poisonous.”

“Attempting to destroy something out of hate or ego often ensures that it will be preserved and disseminated forever.”

“If you can’t swallow your pride, you can’t lead.”

“If you start believing in your greatness, it is the death of your creativity.”

That’s it.

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