Dolce and Gabbana announced today that they are focusing the media investment back on print.

A bold long term decision or a visceral u-turn due to the China scandal?

It seems like the Dry-January or the Meat-Free Monday.

The step after the hangover.

Taking the distance from a medium that can be very dangerous and powerful at the same time is a tough decision.

A very drastic one.

As per Marshall McLuhan the characteristics of a medium influence the society, not just the content.

The choice for a media is a specific message sent out to the society.

And in this case is it a comeback of a conservatism in terms of communication?

Or the most revolutionary step?

Certainly we cannot forget the power of social media. 

We clearly must learn how to manage them in the smartest way to take home good reputation, respect and admiration.


That’s not a choice.

Back to the future is just a movie.

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