Jean-Marc Loubier, former top executive of LVMH, acquired Belgian bags brand Delvaux in 2011 with other partners.

The brand revenues were around 10 million euros and the sales were 97%  located in Belgium.

Eight years later the brand turnover is between 100 and 200 million euros and 90% of it is outside the mother country.

An amazing success story for a brand founded in 1829.

Loubier explained in an interview the golden rules of this relaunch:

– Opening of 32 stores worldwide in a few years. Every store has a unique design

– Retail driven distribution strategy guarantees the right level of control

– Magic mix of savoir faire and strong creativity

– “We like people to know we are Belgian. We are nourished by our heritage and culture”

– Made in Belgium and in France

– “We are not in fashion but we play fashion”

– “We are classic. Classic means that which allows you to express yourself in the long term”

A great business lesson.

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