Dear Vogue,

When Alexandra Schulman stepped down at Vogue, she started being accused of a lack of diversity during her years at the magazine.

Then Edward Enninful was appointed to replace her and he brought on board friends including Naomi Campbell.

And he started promoting “diversity” putting Adwoa Aboah on the first cover of the new era of Vogue.

Today Vogue tweets happily about the engagement of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle saying  “Black girls all over the world can finally look at the royal family and see someone like them”.

Please stop.

Let’s think and let’s start promoting authentic diversity instead of revenge.

Let’s start appreciating real women and their  uniqueness.

Let’s start empowering women. Let’s start choosing people and brands that truly love and respect women.

Let’s start introducing editorial that make women beautiful and natural.

Let’s start talking about great women in a powerful way. And let’s treat women like special creatures instead of “mannequins”.

Let’s talk about human beings and let’s forget the color of skin, the age, the net worth, the education.

It would be amazing to see love for women instead of desire for revenge.

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