Yesterday (night for Europe) Prada showed a beautiful Cruise collection in New York, with a very interesting message behind.

“This show is all about simplicity — naïve, cotton, simple. So the opposite of a big deal. Because I think that sometimes, all of us, [with the itinerant shows] there’s a competition for who does more and more and more, and I think it’s not healthy.” said Miuccia Prada to WWD Bridget Foley.

“Simplicity is rebellion. So it’s about cotton, blazer, skirt. There is a touch of little embroidery on white T-shirts. At the end, what came out looks fresh, and so I’m very happy. Fresh, naïve. But with an invention.” She added.

Powerful and different from the rest of the world.

But setting up a date in New York, the day before the first Chanel Cruise collection after Karl Lagerfeld in Paris does not help to get a proper visibility.

It does not even arranging the show on May 2nd, when Louis Vuitton show is in New York six days after.

Press and influencers have troubles in covering this hectic schedule. And we know how much the right visibility is needed in a time where competition is so harsh.

A bit more of dates coordination won’t surely hurt and being different but less shy would definitely enhance the super power of Prada.

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