You spoke in Milan about “human luxury” and “inclusive luxury” talking about the industry trends and Gucci.

There is no need to coin a new definition of something that already exist: Fashion.

Luxury is exclusive because it is deeply human, handmade, timeless, created for the next generations (Patek Philippe anyone?), made with love by artisans who can be named one by one, developed with care and with plenty of time.

Luxury products are very expensive, but they tend to last forever in the wardrobes and in the imagery of entire generations. They are sought after at the auctions.

What is luxury: a Vaccarello for Saint Laurent outfit or the Yves Saint Laurent one-off haute couture clothes that Catherine Deneuve is going to auction at Christie’s?

There is no need to call luxury what it isn’t.

It’s fashion.

Fashion is democratic, inclusive, outrageous if needed, ugly or beautiful, expensive or entry price. It’s easy going, carefree and smiley.

Fashion is not luxury. And it’s fine.

Luxury is carefully, long term driven growth. Fashion can be stellar growth in the shortest time possible.

Luxury is for few, the upper crust. Fashion is for the masses.

There can be pride in being a premium fashion brand.

Because not everyone can be Deneuve.

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