Dear Kim Jones,

You are the Creative director of Vuitton Men’s, your contract has been renewed recently, you are appreciated by the managers of the most prestigious luxury group in the world, you have developed beautiful and meaningful collections that will last in the years, you are a traveller and a art lover.

It seems you are lucky enough to work in a challenging but safe environment where everybody respects you and give you credit of what you are doing.

Why should you change for a brand where you will have to face:

– the founder ghost and the owner close presence

– an equity fund in need for big growth

– the challenge of starting from scratch

– uncertainty for the medium term

I understand other designers such as Phoebe Philo who desire, after 10 years tenure, to refresh their own style and take some time off.

I do not understand the search for a new brand which is not the easiest to work in from the side of a creative director who has reached a very exciting job and has the chance to continue doing splendid projects.

Yours faithfully


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