Kering is one of the most prestigious luxury groups. It owns fashion, jewelry, watch, sports brands (Puma as well as Volcom, Cobra) and the Eyewear company.

Recent talks are about:

– Gucci will continue to grow but at a much slower pace than previous year (Bloomberg forecast) and it is under investigation for tax elusion (La Stampa).

Will the Gucci trend last, especially in a 2018 full of fashion disruption and new designer challenges?

– Puma was put on sale recently, then Kering decided “in order reinforce its status as leading pure player in luxury”, “Kering’s Board of Directors unanimously proposed to submit to its shareholders the project to distribute in kind around 70% of Puma shares outstanding, out of the 86.3% currently owned by the Group” (Kering press release)

Will they also put on sale Volcom and Cobra?

And, what happened to the disposal process of Puma?

– Kering, Stella McCartney in talks to end partnership (Business of Fashion)

Why the ambassadress of authentic sustainability is willing to take full control of the Brand she co-founded, leaving Kering?

– Richemont bids to take full control Yoox-NetàPorter (Financial Times). But didn’t Kering sign a very ambitious JV with Yoox just a few years ago?

What’s up for this Group?

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