Dear Karl Lagerfeld,

Today, for the first time, you didn’t show up for a bow at the end of Chanel Haute Couture show in Paris. 

You were tired and all of us missed you very much.

You are with no doubt a pillar of the fashion and luxury system and your iconic persona is unique, unmistakable.

A Leonardo da Vinci of luxury, cultivated, eclectic and curious who walked a professional path giving and creating with passion and vision.

You worked for different brands and projects driving them with your immense energy.

We loved your works as a photographer and a favourite masterpiece of yours is the amazing book “Casa Malaparte” published by your beloved Steidl.

The use of the most skillful artisans in the world in the Chanel shows is a love letter to the industry.

Well wishers are virtually surrounding you with love and respect.

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