From Fashion Network “It’s been a tough year, weighed down by an unfavourable international environment. Next year, we hope to return to the growth rates we are used to”, Carlo Capasa, chairman of Italy’s National Fashion Chamber, said on Thursday.


Hope is not enough.

The Italian #fashionindustry sees around 75% of its revenues made outside the Italian borders.

“Italy’s fashion industry expects its revenues to stall this year, with growth of just 0.1%, a far cry from the average 3% annual growth rate it has achieved over the last decade and which it hopes to recoup in 2020.” says the article

Hope is not enough. 

– A very behind the scenes hard work is needed to revive what once was the bubbly and energetic fashion industry.

– A brand new mindset

– A deep cultural approach based on adaptive learning

– A fear-free environment 

– A place where creative people and managers can share ideas and projects without judgement

– A place where leaders drive and make their people grow

There is so much to do. And so many opportunities.

And we are ready to move ahead.

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