Dear Demna Gvasalia,

I am happy to see that you high-priced DHL driver inspired clothes and accessories are still selling very well.

I am also wondering if you believe that your style and the one of Vetement will last in the long term in the wish list of consumers.

You stated that “Fashion is not hype” but it is about clothes.

When your brother Guram, in a Vogue article said “The main point is to speak to people about the problem of overconsumption and overproduction,” said Guram. “In a world where fashion is so fast today, the (Harrods) windows are like a wake up: ‘Hello, slow down, people—it’s too much!’ ”

And “I want to promote the idea of buy less, buy quality, and buy long-term,” Guram argued. “For me, I think it’s very important that we do product that is relevant and good quality to have it as a favorite piece in your wardrobe.”

What shall we think?

Is limiting supply to demand enough to avoid consumerism?

Is the quality and cut of your clothes and accessories the best-in-class in the industry? Where are your collections produced and by which expert hands?

Dear readers, should you decide to follow wise Guram suggestions, would you buy Vetements or Hermès?

Food for thought.

Time will tell.

See you in five years.

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