Dear #Burberry,

Isn’t it unusual for you as the most digital brand that your newly appointed worldly renown and appreciated creative director, Riccardo Tisci, the one that is vividly awaited for the revamp of the brand, edits a capsule collection called B Classics, an amazing reinterpretation of old Burberry classics made by the existing design team, launches it on its own Instagram account with beautiful pictures during the weekend and your last official post is from 3 days ago and is about a fragrance shot?

Can you not mention this launch on your official Instagram account?

Isn’t it the case to coordinate the digital launches and to magnify these first steps that are so crucial for the revamp of the Brand?

Can the most digital brand in fashion, aiming to upgrade its offer and lucky enough to have scored a big name passionate about the Brand, afford not to post on Instagram for 3 days?

Is everything OK?

Yours truly


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