Dear Brunello Cucinelli,

What about #authenticity?

Your eponymous company has become a leading luxury brand.

Your HQ is a rebuilt village in Umbria. Emails are forbidden from 5pm to 8am.

Heartfelt speeches are on human dignity and philosophy, Roman emperors and Catholic saints, your inspiration is Saint Benedict “ora et labora” (pray and work).

Your post with the “friends from the Silicon Valley” created a blast because the picture (now deleted from your Instagram account) published was photoshopped adding two women to the Men’s club of 15 “guys” you considered the Leonardo of the 3rd Millennium.

There is no need to photoshop the reality. 

You just invited some guys for a get-together in your house.

A Men’s club like the Benedictine monks.

With a couple of Women. That’s it. Nothing new.

A Male symposium.

As Barbel Wardetzki wrote in her book “there is great competition between men and women at work. Recruiters mainly evaluate candidates on a basis of the male managerial model. And women often succumb.

Men often devalue women because they consider themselves better and do not acknowledge women competence.”

The message spread by this post told more than all the words written in it.

That number is down 25 percent from last year’s record-breaking 32 female CEOs, the highest share of women since the Fortune’s first 500 list in 1955. While women were at the helm of 6.4 percent of the companies on 2017′s list, that number is now down to 4.8 percent.

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