Dear #BottegaVeneta…

Until a few years ago BV bags and accessories were a must-have, a status symbol, a luxury trophy.

BV was the most understated brand that grew amazingly in just a couple of decades, that became more prestigious than some established ones such as Ferragamo and Tod’s and that exuded richness from every pore of its precious leathers.

The business growth as well the prestige were relevant under Patrizio Di Marco before and Marco Bizzarri later management.

BV was synonymous of wealth, connoisseurs, secluded clubs and no need to show off.

A masterpiece of Brand image, product and retail experience.

Since a few years the buzz around the brand became less powerful because a new trend imposed by its sister brand Gucci. Maximalism won over discretion. Colors and textures and patterns over neutral colors.

While Gucci grew double digit, BV suffered in terms of turnover.

Alessandro Michele won an award after another while Thomas Maier kept more and silent.

In a very crowded luxury world big changes will happen at Burberry with Phoebe Philo, Louis Vuitton won the battle against boredom while keeping its reputation impeccable, Dior is going throw a major refresh with Chiuri and Beccati.

And, what about Bottega Veneta?

Dear BV make a noise if you hear us…

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