Coach group was recently renamed as Tapestry. The new fashion entity regrouping Coach, Kate Spade and Stuart Weitzman is very active on the creation of a united New York front to conquer the hearts and wallets of many Europeans and Asian customers.

There is a lot of energy on that side of the pond, thanks to Victor Luis and the shareholders. There is eagerness to grow a relevant business.

Coach, thanks to Stuart Vevers, re-emerged after years of brand neglect as a young, preppy, fresh brand with a clear DNA and appealing brand image.

Stuart Weitzman is positioned in a very interesting segment of shoes specialists “value for money” with a glamour image given by the likes of Gisele and Gigi.

Kate Spade is a popular and democratic handbags brand that can be further developed to a new level.

There is a lot of fresh energy around this group that recently tapped an experienced executive like Joshua Schulman.

The same energy that is deeply lacking on the Italian side of the established fashion brands. Prada, Tod’s, Ferragamo, Armani are missing this spirit and freshness.

While on one side a great effort is put in place to create a new fashion world, on the other side there is shyness to update the game. Pity

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