It was pretty unusual to see Christian Dior Couture organizing an event in the Moroccan city beloved by Yves Saint Laurent.

Instead of Saint Laurent itself.

While the Kering owned French brand is focusing on a contemporary look and feel without looking too much at its founder past and heritage, rival LVMH owned brand Dior took advantage of its prestigious collaboration with Yves in person (who succeeded the founder in 1957 at the Maison helm) to create a powerful event in Marrakech.

In 2016 to celebrate its 70 years of history Dior published seven books on the Maison heritage, one dedicated to Saint Laurent.

This week Dior celebrated at its best its heritage with a tribute to Yves Saint Laurent.

They showcased vintage clothes designed by Saint Laurent for Dior, they invited press, influencers and celebrities to visit Saint Laurent legendary house and Majorelle gardens.

Then, the show. 135 looks inspired by and co-created by Maria Grazia Chiuri with African designers and textile brands.

Craftmanship meets style. Africa meets France.

A strong message from a powerful luxury house.

Impeccable setting. Stunning location. 

An unforgettable moment that summarized a Vision in an emotion.

They should launch a new fragrance about it.

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