Richemont is a specialist in luxury watches and jewelry with a touch of apparel and accessories.

A group focused on luxury (strategy, positioning, management) which succeeded in managing the turnaround and relaunch of a cool brand such as Chloé.

Chloé employed renown creative directors such as Martine Sitbon, Karl Lagerfeld and launched fashion stars such as Stella McCartney and Phoebe Philo.

The newly hired designer Natasha Ramsey-Levi debuted yesterday a very feminine yet contemporary collection that conquered the fashion press and buyers.

Chloè success can teach us that:

– it’s never too late to improve the performance of a struggling brand

– keeping high the Brand reputation and preserving the DNA is always a key success factor

– a professional management and a medium-long term strategy is always a strike

– when the Brand comes first and the Brand equity is properly nurtured the change of the designer can be managed efficiently as an evolution instead of a disruption.

Chloè is a Brand which loves women and it is repaid by loyal and passionate customers.

A great example for the Fashion world that a Brand doesn’t need to be weird and queer to conquer the hearts and the wallets of the Millennials.

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