Calvin Klein appointed Belgian designer Raf Simons as Chief Creative Officer in 2016.

Apparently the brand spent around 70 million US$ in less than 3 years to launch and support the “haute de gamme” called 205W39NYC.

The results didn’t pay and the collaboration with Simons was ended in December 2018.

Now the announcement that the whole Collection line will be closed and the NY and Milan offices will be closed and around 100 people laid off.

The challenge of a contemporary brand in these days is to create the right match between its own DNA and the one of the creative designer it hires.

Only the matches made in heaven can be successful. 

And this happens when the strategy is set up before the action plan.

When the purpose is clear and shared from both sides.

The Brand strategy is the first step stone.

The lesson to learn in this case is:

– the naming has to be clear, appealing and carefully crafted

– the vision has to create a bridge between the past and the future

– disruption doesn’t work most of the times

– the investments must be carefully allocated and monitored

– yearly checks and adjustments are a must

Dream big but be pragmatic.

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