It’s been recently announced that Sidney Toledano, CEO at Dior for the last 20 years, will guide the group niche fashion brands and Pietro Beccari will replace him at Diorc2qq2.

Pierre-Yves Roussel, engaged to fashion lady Tory Burch will become advisor to Bernard Arnault.

10 key learnings from these news useful for fashion managers.

1. Change is an ongoing process. It helps to keep the business alive

2. Managers can grow internally and thrive thanks to the support of internal mentors

3. Senior executives are a strategic asset for the business development and the company culture. See Yves Carcelle, boss and mentor of Beccari.

4. A change of perspective is healthy from time to time

5. The Brand comes before the designers and the managers

6. Even if you are a trusted and successful top executive you might receive a phone call changing your professional plans

7. Positive business performance is not enough to keep a top executive at the top

8. Top executives and designers always have an expiry date

9. Managers should always surf the wave being aware that a wave doesn’t last forever and there will be a bigger wave to find

10. Fashion is like a theatre where everybody plays a role then goes back home to one’s nearest and dearest

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