LaDoubleJ presentation at the Bristol: a breathe of fresh air (and an amazing pup, Pepper): beautiful patterns, chic and colourful Louis Vuitton when the show is about the show and the collection is not in sync…when the incompiuta takes on stage Miu Miu was truly, deeply, yours Miuccia… CHANEL …help! Stella McCartney (disclosure: it has … Leggi tutto

#sustainability: Green Carpet is great but apart from that it seems that #fashionbrands were disconnected from Greta and friends demonstration about climate change #fashiontrends : A new Normal is back. Normal meaning more wearable than usual. The queen brand for this is certainly Prada Group with a great classic with lots of twist collection. Well … Leggi tutto

The Amazon forest is burning in a dramatic time of environmental disaster happening worldwide. The nuclear explosion in Russia was not even covered by the news. The China geo-engineering of the Tibetan plateau is something that most of the people are unaware of. But Instagram has been recently flooded with posts from fashion designers, founders, … Leggi tutto

Barneys New York filed for bankrupt, and Bergdorf Goodman is a consignement shop. Is it a nightmare or a hell of reality show? “We’ve learned that half of our customers recycle. So forget online. We’re now the newest luxury consignment shop — and you’re handed your money immediately.” wrote Page Six on what said CEO … Leggi tutto

A few days ago Equita, the independent Italian investment bank, disclosed an interesting analysis on Kering: – Rating “buy” – The stock trades at 16x times earnings vs the 24x times of the competitors for 2020 – Return on invested capital is higher than peers thanks to increasing profitability due to past years Gucci relaunch – Gucci has … Leggi tutto

Richemont reported a strong set of results for the 2019 financial year, with group sales increasing 27% to €13.989 million from €11 million in 2018 Richemont reported strong growth for the 2019 financial year, with group revenues increasing 27% to €13.989 million from €11 million in 2018. It’s a group with a very high potential … Leggi tutto

The moving CHANEL show of today doesn’t close an era, despite the “Heroes” final catwalk soundtrack. Karl Lagerfeld immense legacy will stay forever in the #Fashion system. We can still learn a lot from his life. 1. Believe in your talent and work to make your dream come true 2. Be an explorer. Accept no limits 3. Your life … Leggi tutto

When I joined Fendi, some colleagues at Ferragamo tried to discourage me. “Fendi is going nowhere”. I didn’t listen and, fortunately, I had the chance to give my humble contribute to the brand re-birth under Michael Burke LVMH leadership. Now luxury giants like Tod’s, Ferragamo and Bottega Veneta are struggling to find a renewed success. … Leggi tutto

 Antoine Arnault is one of the key top executives in the luxury world. Raised up by a father, Bernard Arnault, who is a titan of the industry and a great visionnaire himself, Antoine dedicated his efforts in learning the best way to work as a second generation in command. Speaking a few weeks ago at … Leggi tutto

China controls on “daigou” are worrying the investors of the luxury groups listed at the stock exchange. The habit of Chinese tourists buying luxury goods in Europe and South Korea to resell them at a profit when they return in Greater China was a key asset for luxury groups revenues. Many luxury brands and groups … Leggi tutto