– Richemont acquires Watchfinder. It was time that the second hand market for high-end watches was considered a serious business. Soundtrack “Losing my religion” REM – Following the “sabba” gathering in Arles (as defined by La Repubblica newspaper) Gucci launches Equilibrium, a new platform on the core values of the Brand. With an Illuminati symbol … Leggi tutto

– Luciano Benetton is back at the helm of the eponymous group and receives doctor of Fine Art from New York FIT. From the king of Italian infrastructure to back to the roots. Isn’t it late of about 25 years? – Louis Vuitton confirms Nicolas Guésquière at the helm of Louis Vuitton Femme. As Vanessa … Leggi tutto

– Cruise Collections. Prada shows in New York. A very Pradian collection. In the Herzog & de Meuron Prada headquarters. With lots of celebrities. Impeccable execution. But, where is the spark? – Cruise Collections. Dear brands, what is the purpose of these shows? What is the objective of the investment? Aren’t you tired about the … Leggi tutto

– BURBERRY. The company under the management of former Celine Marco Gobetti hired a couple of former CEOs as respectively President of Americas (Gianluca Flore) and CCO (Gavin Haig). Isn’t it a risk of having too many CEOs in the same house? Why not hiring focused experts of the field? Can a Dream Team be … Leggi tutto

– LVMH and Marcolin eyewear joint-venture. A strategic alliance and know-how sharing are the magic words. Shouldn’t have Richemont follow the same path instead of allowing Cartier to sign an agreement with competitor Kering? – Balenciaga Chinese customers queuing at Printemps complain on social media about preferential treatment for French customers. The company issues an … Leggi tutto

– Ermenegildo Zegna sees revenues growth in 2017 of 2,3% at 1,8 billion euro. Isn’t it refreshing to see a Men’s brand so focused and not in the desperate need to appeal no gender guys in their teens? – Rimowa Alexandre Arnault attends the CNI Luxury Conference in Lisbon. He’s doing well as co-CEO of … Leggi tutto

– Japan vs Italy. #Uniqlo founder Tadashi Yanai announced his retirement at 70 years old. Italian entrepreneurs in their ’80s come back at the head of their companies. Who will win? – #LVMH founder #BernardArnault denies contacts with #Chanel owners for the acquisition of the luxury brand. But it could be a match made in … Leggi tutto

– Succession planning. Dolce and Gabbana stated in an interview at Corriere that they have refused to sell the brand to keep their freedom. Benetton, Bertelli and Del Vecchio are back at the steering wheel of their empires. They do not have to demonstrate their managerial skills but they will have to face the greatest … Leggi tutto

Aider Ackerman and Berluti part ways after only 3 season collaboration. Are we sure that creative directors recruiters are doing their job properly? Is Kris Van Assche going to be the new designer at Berluti? Are we sure that this whirlwind of designers is good for the Brand distinctivity? Stella McCartney takes over 100% ownership … Leggi tutto

FERRAGAMO A very interesting interview of Ferruccio Ferragamo to Corriere Fiorentino on the direction that the company: “changing without turning upside down”. A clear message to the top management and next CEO. The company has clear values to be respected, not disrupted. TIFFANY 2017 sees 0% revenues growth at constant perimeter. Not an easy task, … Leggi tutto