When we speak about leaders and top executives in luxury other names come to the mind before Michael Burke, but he is the undisputed number one. Tough and demanding as a boss he is also a great motivator, a polarizing executive (love him or hate him or both) but he is with no doubt le … Leggi tutto

It’s been recently announced that Sidney Toledano, CEO at Dior for the last 20 years, will guide the group niche fashion brands and Pietro Beccari will replace him at Diorc2qq2. Pierre-Yves Roussel, engaged to fashion lady Tory Burch will become advisor to Bernard Arnault. 10 key learnings from these news useful for fashion managers. 1. … Leggi tutto

Following my post on how starred chef can help better manage companies I found a book from Airina Nikitina “The Taste of Success” talking about chefs and success tips. They might seem too easy or simple but, all together, they represent a good compass to navigate and drive life and business 1. Believe in you … Leggi tutto

Alain Passard is a 3 star Michelin chef since the last 20 years. He started his restaurant as a “rotisserie”, fully dedicated to meat. One day he decided to turn to vegetables, starting his own vegetable garden and working as a passionate chef on a brand new chapter that astonished food critics and clients. He … Leggi tutto

Armani was founded by Giorgio himself and Sergio Galeotti 42 years ago. Mister Armani is one of the most powerful fashion designer and entrepreneur of the industry and of its history. 7 Golden Rules for success we can take from him: 1. Be yourself, focus on your own style and don’t follow the trends. Create … Leggi tutto

“I am a man who has spent more than half a century ostensibly and visibly accompanying Yves Saint Laurent throughout his life – but not only that. In the past and still today, I have been behind a lot of creators and artists, supporting them and helping them. That’s probably how I see my mission.” … Leggi tutto

The top executive golden rule: exit at your own terms. How Graydon Carter exit from Vanity Fair can set the example for top executives. Graydon Carter’s Exit Leaves Condé Nast Scrambling  

Would you ever hire an electrician to repair you Patek Philippe tourbillon? A fashion and luxury change of mindset in the top management recruitment is needed and, finally, acknowledged. That’s a very interesting article from today’s WWD. It’s the first time we hear about the most appropriate CEO profile for fashion and luxury after so … Leggi tutto

Fendi is an Italian luxury brand founded in Rome in 1918 (almost a century ago) by Adele Fendi as a leather goods and fur workshop. All the five Adele daughters: Anna, Alda, Franca, Carla and Paola took over in 1946 and in 1965 they appointed a very young Karl Lagerfeld as the Brand Creative Director. … Leggi tutto

David Bowie’s life has been rich and full of aspects that can inspire our daily life. 1. CHANGE. Life is constant change. “Panta rei” as the renown ancient greek philosopher Heraclitus highlighted. Everything flows, nothing is the same as time goes by. Accepting change is very important in our lives but encouraging it, looking for … Leggi tutto