Silvia Venturini Fendi I had the privilege to work with Silvia during my tenure at Fendi, in a very challenging time for the company: the takeover from LVMH that led the company among the fashion superstars. Silvia Venturini Fendi is the daughter of Anna, one of the legendary five Fendi sisters, the creative director for accessories … Leggi tutto

People ask me very often which leaders are the greatest inspiration to me as a woman and as a professional. I will dedicate the next three posts to some very special ones. Intisar AlSabah 🇰🇼 💎 🤩  Sheika Intisar AlSabah is philanthropist, publisher, successful company founder and entrepreneur.  She is one of the most creative, … Leggi tutto

I had the privilege to see Elisabetta Franchi on stage at the CEO Roundtable organized by Fashion Marc Sondermann on November 8th. It was like… “wow”. Elisabetta Franchi, one of the few women in the Italian fashion system, founded her eponymous “ultra feminine” brand in 1998 thanks to a little bank loan. She developed her … Leggi tutto

Some key learnings from what happened last week. – China is increasingly the battlefield for Brands survival and growth. Be focused, learn the rules and try not to mess with them – Don’t be obsessed by China only. Develop a healthy Brand growth globally – The Brand reputation comes before any personal opinion of the … Leggi tutto

 This post was inspired by by Tracy Short question, this morning on LinkedIn, about books. A must read for fashion and luxury professionals is the book written by Ryan Holiday “Ego is the Enemy. the Fight to Master Our Greatest Opponent”. Hereafter great quotes from the book. “Those who have subdued their ego understand that … Leggi tutto

One of the most exciting, mind blowing inspirations for me comes from #Netflix Chef’s Table, a masterpiece series telling the personal stories of some of the most renown, dedicated and passionate chefs. My favorite is #ChefsTablePastry on few amazing talents: – Corrado Assenza shows the importance of the roots, of the heritage and how, at a … Leggi tutto

Dear 2017… You have been challenging and disrupting, anyway I would like to celebrate and thank you for: – inspiring and driving me to even take fearless decisions when needed; – guiding me to find my way of sharing knowledge through internet, and most of all LinkedIn; – preparing me for new projects and luxury … Leggi tutto

Dear Vogue, When Alexandra Schulman stepped down at Vogue, she started being accused of a lack of diversity during her years at the magazine. Then Edward Enninful was appointed to replace her and he brought on board friends including Naomi Campbell. And he started promoting “diversity” putting Adwoa Aboah on the first cover of the … Leggi tutto

Rosita Missoni is one of those fashion ladies who set the example for women (and men) in the industry. She founded a legendary brand with husband Ottavio which meant strong family values, passion for beauty and unique style. Rosita spread simple style and elegance through her public and private life. She received the Italian Republic … Leggi tutto

Adieu Monsieur Alaia, You were the most authentic and original “createur” of the fashion world. You truly loved women and wanted them to be beautiful and self confident. Those stretch dresses, uber sexy shoes are legend. You truly loved your fashion family. Those dinners in your kitchen surrounded by the fashion gotha and your dog. … Leggi tutto