Remember of the “predators” used to tell me a mentor… You discover you are an influencer when you have to decide which content you can release as free and which not. Because one thing is to inspire people and another one is to help them drive a brand in a successful direction. One thing is … Leggi tutto

Dear #fashioninsiders, What do you consider as the key attitude to be successful in the #fashionindustry? How you do position yourself is a clear statement but it seems companies are always eager for something else. You adopt the “be kind” attitude, you are collaborative and open to work in a proactive landscape and you are judged as … Leggi tutto

10 insights on the philosophy of the mastermind behind the first #luxury group in the world 1. “The man himself is deeply private”. No need to show off. 2. “I always liked being number one. I told my team we will build the first luxury group in the world” (Michael Burke was among his closest aides since … Leggi tutto

Dear Silvia Fendi, congratulations! In a world overwhelmed by bad taste and show off people, you silently (but powerfully) dedicated your energies to the best of fashion and luxury. You went through ups and downs, acknowledgements and difficulties, from a family business to a global brand as its most precious yet discreet soul. You collaborated … Leggi tutto

Would you ever make such a request at a restaurant? Probably not. It’s a nonsense, isn’t it? So, why do you look for “young and experts” for C-level roles? Is the fashion industry so blind to believe in an entire generation of Mark Zuckerbergs available in a click? As a consultant I can increasingly see … Leggi tutto

The True Story of Facebook A very interesting CNBC report unveils what is really like to work at Facebook. And it’s not good. “I was reticent to speak, Sheryl (Sandberg, Facebook COO), because the pressure for us to act as though everything is fine and that we love working here is so great that it … Leggi tutto

Why Some High Performers Are Quitting Big Companies to Work for Themselves “Every large company says that their people are their biggest asset. Yet everywhere we look, we see talented leaders leaving big companies.” It’s an upcoming trend. “What is striking is that these folks were not poor performers being forced out who started their … Leggi tutto

2019 will be the Year of the Brand – Self-branding will be a must. It will ask for more focus and attention on the development of our path – Authenticity and being true to our values will make the difference – Uniqueness will have to be nurtured and respected – Patience and long term vision … Leggi tutto

🎁 Time for Distraction, Exploration, Curiosity Time to Breathe and Be in the Now Time to Walk in a Park and in the Nature Time to be Mindful Time to Feel Your True Self Time to Be outside Your Mind and Your Ego Time to be Fear Free These are precious things that only our … Leggi tutto

Today, two years ago Franca Sozzani left us. Sad time.  The last time I saw her it was at a gala dinner.  I was with the Creative Director of the Brand I worked for.  She arrived. Smiling, as usual.  She stopped to say hello and, smiling, she gracefully said “the two of you, we need … Leggi tutto