Tom Ford brand is near to 2 billion $ revenues. After the exit from Gucci Group Tom Ford and Domenico De Sole quietly and with the usual class and elegance created – in just more than a decade – a new luxury empire almost matching the revenues of Gucci. They also introduced a new business … Leggi tutto

Following the Bvlgari CEO Jean Christophe Babin Instagram account we experienced live and through his lenses the luxury experience that the Brand provides to its own followers and customers. The real time reportage recently highlighted a few details that make the difference for a Luxury brand: – the authentic passion of the CEO for the … Leggi tutto

Chanel is a legendary luxury brand owned by the Wertheimer family with an (unofficial) turnover of around 5.6 billion euro. A strong partnership between the Wertheimer family and Karl Lagerfeld, brand mastermind since 1983, made possible the healthy growth of the business and the strong enhancement of the Brand equity during the decades. Apparently (source … Leggi tutto

LVMH Moynat CEO is right on luxury brands and pretty questionable on women customers segmentation Authentic Luxury Brands Should Be ‘Slow,’ According to Moynat CEO In brief luxury is: 1. Slow and niche 2. Balance between productivity and quality 3. No sales and revenues obsession (Steve Jobs anyone?) 4. Specific target of customers=5% High Net … Leggi tutto

Dear Brioni, It would be nice to hear about a brand strategy, what is the plan for this heritage disgraced brand and which is the target you are trying to reach. The step from Metallica to Anthony Hopkins is not clear. The clothes are not visible enough. Is it still a sartorial brand? We do … Leggi tutto

I recently published a post on Brioni that, in a couple of days, reached 6.376 views. Getting inspiration from the story of fashion and luxury regarding the evolution of the Brands, it’s interesting to highlight some key principles for the long term healthy growth. Define the Brand DNA. It serves as the Brand GPS when the … Leggi tutto

I took the inspiration for this post while reading an interesting article on Business of Fashion “The Luxury Brand Balancing Act” written by Helena Pike regarding the issue that many brands face about preserving the rarity concept behind their own strategy. What I notice more and more frequently is that many established Brands are … Leggi tutto

Maureen Chiquet, global CEO at Chanel, will leave the company in a few days because of different opinions over strategic direction as per WWD article . Alain Wertheimer, Chanel Chairman and member of the family that owns the company, will (probably temporarily) take over. Chiquet was appointed Chanel CEO in 2007 and she firmly … Leggi tutto

The competition between the first and the third luxury group is still alive after almost two decades. In order to better understand the power and the potential of the two groups, it is interesting not to analyze their fashion brands performance and to focus on the other brands they own instead. Let’s take champagne for LVMH … Leggi tutto

I recently saw again and again this amazing Steve Jobs video that every CEO should know by heart It explains the Apple “Think Different” Brand campaign and I believe it represents the key success factor for Apple. It also explains indirectly why Nokia, market leader,  failed on the same field. First priority is to decide … Leggi tutto