Marco Gobetti recently joined Burberry as CEO, Christopher Bailey made a step back focusing his perimeter on design and brand image. Some key learnings from the recent past of this staple brand are: – A Brand with 2.8 billion turnover must have CEO and Creative Director roles split. – The Creative Director (unless he is … Leggi tutto

In a very interesting interview recently released to the SCMP, Michael Burke, the CEO of Louis Vuitton (and maker of the successful relaunch and turnaround of Fendi), pointed out some interesting Key Success Factors for Louis Vuitton in China. 1. Deep and effective work of streamlining of retail network, fixed cost optimization and margin optimization … Leggi tutto

Why luxury brands are eagerly jumping on the e-commerce train in China? It’s simple. 1. Because they need to keep the expected growth rates 2. Because China is the still “younger” and fresher market for fashion, full of eager customers 3. Because very likely the brick-and-mortar markets worldwide won’t perform well in the next future … Leggi tutto

Would you ever hire an electrician to repair you Patek Philippe tourbillon? A fashion and luxury change of mindset in the top management recruitment is needed and, finally, acknowledged. That’s a very interesting article from today’s WWD. It’s the first time we hear about the most appropriate CEO profile for fashion and luxury after so … Leggi tutto

LVMH Moynat CEO is right on luxury brands and pretty questionable on women customers segmentation Authentic Luxury Brands Should Be ‘Slow,’ According to Moynat CEO In brief luxury is: 1. Slow and niche 2. Balance between productivity and quality 3. No sales and revenues obsession (Steve Jobs anyone?) 4. Specific target of customers=5% High Net … Leggi tutto

Fashion brands fiercely protect their own designs and collections from copies through trademarks infringement lawsuits. And they are definitely right because what makes the difference for a successful Brand is the distinctivity and uniqueness of its own products. But sometimes… he who is without sin, let him throw the first stone. Look at an example … Leggi tutto

Dear Brioni, It would be nice to hear about a brand strategy, what is the plan for this heritage disgraced brand and which is the target you are trying to reach. The step from Metallica to Anthony Hopkins is not clear. The clothes are not visible enough. Is it still a sartorial brand? We do … Leggi tutto

Dear Prada, You are one of the boldest and most irreverent brands in fashion. You are avant-guarde, you set the trends, you defy the gravity in your collections. You have disrupted the fashion world in the ’90s with the black nylon backpack, you have excited the sports world with the magnificent invention of Luna Rossa, … Leggi tutto