The top executive golden rule: exit at your own terms. How Graydon Carter exit from Vanity Fair can set the example for top executives. Graydon Carter’s Exit Leaves Condé Nast Scrambling  

Louis Vuitton has a long tradition of artistic collaborations and capsule collections. Thanks to the unstoppable creativity of Marc Jacobs before and the whole creative and management team now the Brand has worked with the likes of Stephen Sprouse, Murakami, Yayoi Kusama, the Chapman Brothers, Supreme and many others. Apparently the Brand will collaborate with … Leggi tutto

Tom Ford brand is near to 2 billion $ revenues. After the exit from Gucci Group Tom Ford and Domenico De Sole quietly and with the usual class and elegance created – in just more than a decade – a new luxury empire almost matching the revenues of Gucci. They also introduced a new business … Leggi tutto

There is nothing better than Donatella Versace at helm of Versace now. Why is Blackstone so obsessed to find a new designer when they have a namesake legend in their precious brand? Why don’t they try to make the best out of it as LVMH successfully did with Fendi? If there is still untapped potential … Leggi tutto

I always thought that consumer trends should be taken with a pinch of salt. Apparently Fashion and Luxury brands are becoming obsessed with Millennials. Why? It’s easy to understand: – targeting the young and cool allows more eccentric and crazy collections helping the brand visibility – catching new generations with purchase power means increasing the … Leggi tutto

Dear Fashion Brands, Let’s go back to the basics! Before getting obsessed for VR and AI and avant grade technologies, make an assessment on the foundations of your Brand and how they are put in place effectively. Must-haves for any Brand are: – a clear and detailed written Brand vision and positioning based on the … Leggi tutto

Following the Bvlgari CEO Jean Christophe Babin Instagram account we experienced live and through his lenses the luxury experience that the Brand provides to its own followers and customers. The real time reportage recently highlighted a few details that make the difference for a Luxury brand: – the authentic passion of the CEO for the … Leggi tutto

Chanel is a legendary luxury brand owned by the Wertheimer family with an (unofficial) turnover of around 5.6 billion euro. A strong partnership between the Wertheimer family and Karl Lagerfeld, brand mastermind since 1983, made possible the healthy growth of the business and the strong enhancement of the Brand equity during the decades. Apparently (source … Leggi tutto

Marco Gobetti recently joined Burberry as CEO, Christopher Bailey made a step back focusing his perimeter on design and brand image. Some key learnings from the recent past of this staple brand are: – A Brand with 2.8 billion turnover must have CEO and Creative Director roles split. – The Creative Director (unless he is … Leggi tutto

In a very interesting interview recently released to the SCMP, Michael Burke, the CEO of Louis Vuitton (and maker of the successful relaunch and turnaround of Fendi), pointed out some interesting Key Success Factors for Louis Vuitton in China. 1. Deep and effective work of streamlining of retail network, fixed cost optimization and margin optimization … Leggi tutto