Antoine Arnault is one of the key top executives in the luxury world. Raised up by a father, Bernard Arnault, who is a titan of the industry and a great visionnaire himself, Antoine dedicated his efforts in learning the best way to work as a second generation in command. Speaking a few weeks ago at … Leggi tutto

Despite the fact that women are a key target in fashion and luxury, there are not so many women CEOs case histories. Francesca Bellettini is a flagship CEO of Kering and one of the most inspiring women in fashion. She started in investment banking and consulting. She joined Prada Group invited by Patrizio Bertelli. Then … Leggi tutto

 In a very interesting study EY highlights some key success factors in luxury and high-end fashion. Some of them are key staples of Luxury Branding and Business: – Deep understanding of the customers and their purchasing preferences and habits – Being able to anticipate the customer (or prospect) needs (Henry Ford docet) – High quality … Leggi tutto

Italian brands may thrive in terms of product, design, contents but they have so much to learn from US brands in terms of the Power of Branding. Starbucks and Harley-Davidson Motor Company are examples of Branding prowess. They are so competent in terms of: – Vision – Purpose – Pride – Adrenaline – Sense of … Leggi tutto

33,000 LinkedIn views of my post “Dear Marco Bizzarri…” It’s a hit! And a great pleasure for me to share with all of you, dear fashion and luxury insiders and professionals, my insights and ideas. It’s a honour to receive such a level of interest and appreciation. I hope our exchange will continue to be … Leggi tutto

You spoke in Milan about “human luxury” and “inclusive luxury” talking about the industry trends and Gucci. There is no need to coin a new definition of something that already exist: Fashion. Luxury is exclusive because it is deeply human, handmade, timeless, created for the next generations (Patek Philippe anyone?), made with love by artisans … Leggi tutto

Ducati and Ferrari are market leaders in the premium motorcycle and luxury cars industry. Both from Emilia, a region in the centre of Italy, they were created by charismatic founders and show off red as the flagship colour. They compete at the highest levels in the Moto GP and Formula One championships. And, despite the … Leggi tutto

Many luxury and fashion brands are cashing in thanks to the Millennials wave. What’s the reason behind such an obsession? 1. A fresh target makes a perfect attention-getting hook for investors and shareholders 2. It should represent an additional target to the already existing ones 3. They are represented as eager for brands and products … Leggi tutto

On Kering Scary Secret Weapon Kering Q3 results beat competitors as comparable Q3 sales rose 28.4% versus PY. The main contribution to the growth was given by Gucci, that rose +34.9% and, far from this, Saint Laurent 16.5%. The rest of the brands (including raising star Balenciaga) rose +32.2% Bottega Veneta declined 8.7% in a … Leggi tutto

Women Power Suits Are Back! Last week Lady Gaga made a blast with a speech on her decision to wear trousers instead of red carpet frocks, yesterday Julia Roberts attended the InStyle event in Los Angeles wearing a pink trousers and jacket combination, during these days trip to Australia Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex chose … Leggi tutto