Maureen Chiquet, global CEO at Chanel, will leave the company in a few days because of different opinions over strategic direction as per WWD article . Alain Wertheimer, Chanel Chairman and member of the family that owns the company, will (probably temporarily) take over. Chiquet was appointed Chanel CEO in 2007 and she firmly … Leggi tutto

The competition between the first and the third luxury group is still alive after almost two decades. In order to better understand the power and the potential of the two groups, it is interesting not to analyze their fashion brands performance and to focus on the other brands they own instead. Let’s take champagne for LVMH … Leggi tutto

I recently saw again and again this amazing Steve Jobs video that every CEO should know by heart It explains the Apple “Think Different” Brand campaign and I believe it represents the key success factor for Apple. It also explains indirectly why Nokia, market leader,  failed on the same field. First priority is to decide … Leggi tutto

Panerai, which has sponsored its own Classic Yachts Challenge racing series since 2004, announced at SIHH 2017 that it will make a further step in the world of yacht racing, becoming the official partner of the 35th America’s Cup. From classic, wooden, elegant, effortless wooden yachts to top performer catamarans. In terms of brand positioning … Leggi tutto

“Poor” Lucinda Chambers…after 36 years (!) of honoured service at Vogue UK she has been let go and (hmm) finds the courage to tell-it-all about how outdated is the world at Vogue. Unfortunately in her candid interview following her dismissal she creates a boomerang effect. She shoots to the establishment, the same system that nurtured … Leggi tutto